Bark For Life Of Coventry, RI

Bark For Life will be taking place in Coventry, RI on May 15th at Coventry High School

What is Bark For Life?

Bark For Life is an American Cancer Society Relay For Life fundraising event that honors the caregiving qualities of canine companions. Bark For Life fundraisers also help save lives by supporting the Mission of the American Cancer Society

This will be just the second Bark For Life in New England, both Brian & Ryan from Project Take Action have been heavily involved in planning this event. Please visit the page sign up or make a generous donation. We would be very grateful.

Thank you and hope to see you Saturday!


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The Importance of Wrestling

Stepping away from the norm here for a minute to raise some awareness for a sport that is near and dear to my heart….Wrestling. I wrestled back in high school, I believe that sport provides discipline as well as physical and mental toughness that no other sport provides.

Let me introduce you to the story of Stephen Neal:

“When I was 6 years old, I knew that I would someday win the Heisman trophy, and then be drafted #1 into the NFL. Then a few years later, I would be named MVP for my game winning touchdown catch with time winding down in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the last football game of my life was to be played in high school, so proclaimed my high school football coach. That screwed up my dreams, but I was able to keep them alive as a wrestler at CSUB.

The wrestling coaches told me that they believed that I would someday play in the NFL after I shared with them that this was my first love and true desire. At CSUB Coach Kerr said that if you give 5 years of your life to this program, your dreams would come true and you could become a National Champ. I gave 5 years to this program, and so far this is what I have received: 4x All American, 2x National Champion, 4x Academic All American, Dan Hodge Trophy winner (Wrestling�s Heisman), USA Open National Champ, Pan-American Champion, World Wrestling Champion, Most Outstanding Freestyle Wrestler in the World in 1999, 9 years in the NFL, and winner of 3 Super Bowl Championships. Therefore, what CSUB wrestling has done for me cannot be summed up in words. All I can say is �Thank You� for changing my life, and I am still waiting for my Super Bowl winning Catch and MVP.

After my Athletic career is over, I will use the skill set I obtained from my academics studies at CSUB to embark on my 2nd or 3rd career !! In coaching or teaching children to live their dreams, because I believe they are obtainable no matter the odds!!

Signed Stephen Neal Starting right guard New England Patriots NFL Who never played one college down in football , but had a dream !!!!!”

Hard work in wrestling AND education build strong character and it is what our country is in need of.

I hope that even if you don’t donate, you now understand how important wrestling is and how wrestling builds leaders that directly impact our community.

Here is the link to learn more:

I hope that you pass it on and share this with those wrestlers and college sports fans in your life. Sports at every educational level are needed and a huge part of this country.

Good luck to Stephen Neal and the entire CSUB in bringing back the 4 sports…they have my support.



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Coming Soon to PTA

Check out Project Take Action’s latest new way to make a difference.

Coming soon you can Organize your own event, Join an existing event, and simply Volunteer, all at

Check the website for upcoming news!

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Support Detroit Hydrocephalus Walk!!

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A Thank You (and marathon details) From Ryan Belmore

Hey all-

So to wrap up Marathon week and the high I’m on, I wanted to share some good news and let you know where we ended up with fundraising,

First of all, I’m so happy to let you all know that I’m a 2010 Boston Marathon Finisher. AMAZING!

Second, is the difference we made TOGETHER during this journey!!! With your help, I had almost 100 donations and raised over $3,500 in college scholarship money!!! INCREDIBLE! Throughout this experience, you have blown me away with your thoughtfulness and generosity.

The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation raised more then $80,000!!!! In May, there will be a dinner at Gillette Stadium, where I will have the honor of meeting the recipients of these scholarships that with all of your help we raised money for. Should be pretty bittersweet.

Which reminds me, donation deadline as been extended to May 19th…so if you’d like to donate again or if you haven’t already here is the link: Seriously any amount helps!!! <>

On to the race details…

I started slow, I hugged and kissed the girls in Wellesley, At mile 15 I nearly went down with a hip labral tear, I broke the heart of that hill, I toasted and laughed with the kids at BC. I ran hard through Coolidge Corner, I high fived Red Sox Nation, I had a moment of final silence in the tunnel. I took a right on Hereford, Left on Boylston, I put on my smile,& crossed that finish line.

My goal was to complete a Boston Marathon and to live in the moment and savor every minute of the experience, I accomplished both of these goals. During the marathon, I made memories that will last a lifetime. It was truly a surreal experience for me.

What went through my mind as I ran…I repeated over and over again “Run this race, like you can’t fail”, I remembered a quote I put on Facebook earlier in the day that I loved… “TODAY is the Boston Marathon: Move like it’s your first time, Fly like it’s your only time , Live like it’s the last time you’ll ever run!”. I listened to clips on my Ipod from Braveheart, Remember The Titans, We Are Marshall, Rocky and etc during hills, moments where I HAD to walk cause I could not run….do you know what got me through it all?


Someone told me before the race, “In Boston, the fans will take you home, trust in them & trust in yourself” when I went down in mile 15, I knew I had to continue…not just for me, but for my team, for the NEPCF, and for my friends, family, and other supporters. I put my fate in the hearts of the fans during some of the fiercest pain I’ve ever experienced and they came thru more then I could have ever imagined. Goosebumps and near tears were felt every mile during that race from the strangers that would reach out touch you and just know the right thing to say and way to get you moving.

When I crossed that finish line on April 19th I was not alone…my family, my friends, my supporters, my teammates, and the fans in the 8 towns along the course crossed with me. Boston, I will forever love you!

April 20th when I woke up, no matter what pain I was in….I smiled because I will forever own a medal to one of the most prestigious races in the world and in history and from this point forward, I will be an official Marathon Runner! The questions have changed from “how’s training” and “are you ready” to “Will I be back next year”? My goal now is to get healthy, enjoy some time off from training during this post- race honey moon period, and absorb what it is that I exactly accomplished both mentally and physically. When I’ve done those 3 things, I think then I will know.

I want to personally thank Susan Hurley and my entire 2010 NEPCF team for being an inspiration and being so great to work with. So many great people but thank you to teammates Louie, Allynn, Jennie, Lindsey, and Dave for the advice, help, and/or just running with me on Monday. A special thanks to Al and Dwight at work as well for non-stop advice and tips.

I am so happy that you were all a part of it, supporting me, encouraging me, and believing in me.
All the best!

Ryan Belmore

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Looking At It From The Outside In For Just 3 More Days…26.2

Hey all!

So this is it…after several hundred miles logged, 5 months of training, and 1 cranky hip… the Boston Marathon is just mere days away. One minute i’m excited, the next nervous, the next just in shock. This entire process has been indescriable, but here I try…

During the lead up to the 2009 Marathon and shortly after I thought, how cool would it be to run the 2010 Boston Marathon. Just 2010 sounds good, I may be biased cause I graduate high school in 2000 so it makes things easier, but just the thought of being 10 years out of high school and being in the best shape (and it not being a round one) of my life is awesome.

During my months of training I’ve heard the Boston Marathon referred to as the “Super-Bowl of Amateur Sport”, there is no other sport that has an expect 500,000 spectators watching as it goes by. Not just watching but showing support! The people, just alone on the roads I think are going to take my breathe away. I’ve never seen 500,000 people in one day, but I will see that many during my 26 mile journey on Monday.

Amazing huh? People reaching out to you with support such as oranges, water, gatorade…they show support in making signs with your name, giving you hugs, kisses, and high fives.

The Boston Marathon really is an event where you can’t help but smile…I love the idea of how supportive the spectators are expected to be. Imagine if all the time we were so eager to lean a hand, a shoulder, or a kiss out to complete strangers.

For those of you who don’t know by know, I’m running this for The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation. A GREAT foundation and I don’t just say that because I work within the organization or because I’m running on behalf of the foundation. I say it because it’s true, THE NEPCF is about the communities and the people here in New England, they WANT to make a difference in the lifes of others. They don’t just react when people need something but they are always looking for ways to make a difference before sometimes anyone ever hears about it.

I’m running and raising money specifically for The NEPCF “Write-On” Scholarship which will award close to $80,000 in scholarship money this year to much deserved New England High School Students. Very solid cause and awards!!

I know I have your support for the Marathon, but I need your support for these kids as well. Your support will help me reach my fundraising goal as well as help many children throughout New England receive the education, development, and attention that they deserve. Also, this race means that I am in it to compete with myself.  Every day I am training to be stronger and faster, and better than who I was yesterday.

I feel truly blessed and loved for the support and love I have received from each and everyone of you that has supported in any way…financially if you could or even just with a “Good Luck”. All of you as well as every tip, trick, and moment of inspiration will be carried with me across that finish line.

You are all the best and it is an honor to have your support, you are all running this marathon with me…promise!

Great Appreciation,


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Looking for some guest bloggers

Hey all!

Ryan here checking in on this rainy and kinda cold night here in Rhode Island. We’ve had the weirdest of weather here as of late, record setting flood and then record setting temps when it reached almost 92 degrees in Providence on Wednesday.

Anyway, what fun is there in talking about the weather? Haha I hope this message reaches all of you in good health and good spirit.
I was thinking tonight, I would really like to get our supporters and friends more involved in spreading our message as well as participating here in our blog.

We can provide you with a hundred different charities and events to make a difference but we need your help to make THE difference.

If your interested in “guest blogging” about anything worth taking action for or just a inspiring story you’d like to share, let me know. It can even be fun, we dt always have to be serious.

Comment here or shoot me an email at if your interested.

We keep it simple, let’s just do what we can together to make that difference.

All the best!

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